Dancer & Bellydance Illusionist...what will she dream up next?

Beginning my career as a showgirl at the age of 18 at Bally’s Jubilee, I quickly went on to work in shows at The Flamingo, Stratasphere, Ceasar’s Palace, conventions and special engagements throughout Las Vegas. My desire to travel put me on cruise ships and stages in places like Japan, Spain, the Caribbean just to name a few. I think this experience at such a young age gave me the edge I would need to be a solo performer and carry myself like a pro.

Before moving to Arizona, I studied with an amazing belly dance instructor named Marliza Ponz, a belly dance legend and the shimmy queen of her time. Vigorous training and rehearsals paved the way to make bellydance my favorite dance. Other instructors have included Suhaila, Mesmera, Athena (of Greece), Raqia Hassan, Dina, Randa Kamel, Soraya of Cairo, Doaa Salaam, and Momo Kadous as well as many others. Using all the dance experience I’ve gathered from dance arts such as latin ballroom, samba, hip hop, breakdance, Afro-Brazilian, Flamenco, Tribal Bellydance, Old-Time Burlesque, Capoeria, Japanese Fan Dance, and so many others, I can manipulate an ordinary perfomance into unduplicatable excitement and originality. No two shows are the same and each one will leave you breathless.

I won the 2006 BELLYDANCER OF THE UNIVERSE PEOPLE’S CHOICE & CONGENIALITY AWARDS this year. It was a great experience. Currently, I am living in Scottsdale, Arizona and bellydancing all around the country and working together with a fabulous and talented magician and performing as a bellydancing illusionist.

Myryka’s solo shows can include a snake, swords, fire, veils, finger cymbals, candles (shemadan), cane (assaya), traditional Egyptian music, Persian music, Baba Karam, Fusion (a blend of different dance styles and music) and much, much more.